Experience ForRest

Take a long rest and let the sun wake you up just on the right time. Sleep as long as you need to and then refuel your body energy with rich breakfast while enjoying pure nature view. Today is your day and only you decide what you up to.

Skip plans, just enjoy

When have you had enough time for your favourite book lately? Or your favourite music? Slow down! You have all day on your own. Staying in bed till noon? Fine. No one will make you go out.

Fancy a long walk in the woods? Or little wandering around old miner town Banská Štiavnica (protected by UNESCO)? Or maybe swimming in the fresh water of the old miner lakes? Or maybe doing nothing and just chilling.


Sounds of crackling fire

Hungry? Try to prepare a tasty food on the open camp fire. As our grand parents used to do. Watch the fire, enjoy the pure taste of local farm food. A good food taste better in the middle of nature under the clear starry sky.


Time for deserved relax

There is anything better than end up a day in the private hot tub with a starry sky view. Feel that? Only you and your own thoughts and the world stay still, for a second. Need more heat for relaxation? You can find it in a piece of Finland, that we brought to you here in our finish sauna.


Deep dive into cosy bed

Enjoy long and deep sleep in our comfortable “hotel like” beds. Only you, forest whisper and the pure nature scent.


We take care of everything

We are Lucia and Michal and your relax stay is our pleasure. You just say a word and we try to fulfil your needs.

We are your friends, staying close, anytime you need us.

We love nature and we do everything to make you feel at home. New home.

ForRest glamping

Enjoy ForRest